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Over the past 25+ years, fertility problems have increased dramatically. It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples find it difficult to conceive and IVF has become very popular as more couples turn to assisted reproductive technologies to help them in their dream to have a family. In order to maximise your chances of conceiving it is critical that you and your partner are in optimum health. However, even the best diets may not contain all the nutrients needed to give you the best chance of conceiving.

Research has shown that natural remedies that contain certain vitamins and minerals can increase your chances of getting pregnant, and staying pregnant through balancing hormones, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, increasing sperm production, sperm mobility and improving egg quality. Our Doctor and Naturopaths have reviewed many products and selected ones that may assist in increased fertility. Read our Learning Center article titled "VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS FOR FERTILITY" for the safest general options to increase fertility.

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