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Sleep Products for Kids

We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep. We wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.  Sleep also helps to boost our immune system, regulate our stress hormones and also our appetite. Sleep for kids is especially important as studies have shown it improves attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Not to mention, the growth hormone is usually released during sleep too. 

Getting kids to sleep can be difficult sometimes due to overstimulation, over-tiredness and many other different reasons. Calming the kids down before bedtime with a warm bath and some soft music can help. Another thing to try for those over-excited little people is a well known, natural sleep remedy - chamomile. KiwiHerb's Kid's Calm, Herbs of Gold Calm Care and Brauer Baby and Child Sleep formulations all contain chamomile extracts which can help soothe and calm restless kids.

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