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Fun activities for kids while in isolation

Posted by Kelsea Bell - Student Naturopath
Fun activities for kids while in isolation

Although these Easter holidays may be vastly different from the one you had planned, there is still plenty of ways you can make this time of year fun and exciting for the kids (and yourself) during isolation. It is important to embrace the offline play with your children and focus on creative, active and challenging activities. Our team have hand selected our top 4 fun activities that will keep the kids entertained and bring the whole family together for some fun and quality time together.

Urban Greens Sunflower Sprouts Mini Garden

It’s a great time to help kids develop a love for nature, learn new skills and find their inner green thumb. These kits will do exactly that! They contain everything you need to grow your own mini sunflower sprout garden. Inside you will find a beautiful porcelain windowsill box with a bamboo lid and drip tray, 2 packets of sunflower seeds and 2 packets of organic soil. This works for all types of households as you don’t need a garden to grow these sprouts, only a windowsill or benchtop!

Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit

This kit is great for kids with dairy allergies, intolerances to lactose or the young eco-warriors who have already started following a plant-based diet and living more sustainably. This kit contains all the necessary equipment to get creative, experiment and perfect a glass of delicious, creamy goodness. All you need is your choice of nuts, water and a blender. Creating your own mylk is also a great way to avoid the hidden nasties that can be found in store bought products. The kit includes yummy recipes including turmeric mylk, raw cacao hazelnut mylk, maple pecan mylk and berry macadamia mylk smoothie.

Urban Greens Grow Kit Culinary Flowers

This kit is for the kids aspiring to be chefs when they grow up. These amazing and fun garden kits contain everything you need to grow a beautiful selection of edible flowers, to add a touch of beauty to every meal. Inside the kit you will find a range of 5 seed types to grow beautiful blooms including Cornflowers, Nasturtium, Lavender, Dianthus and Violas. Plus, 5 x Peat Pots, 5 discs of growth substrate, 5 plant labels and a booklet with instructions including some recipes for inspiration.

Retro Kitchen DIY All-Natural Cleaning Kit

This one is more suited to the parents, but hey the kids can benefit too! This kit provides a great way to teach the importance of using non-toxic solutions around the house for a healthier planet. Who knows, the excitement might get you an extra pair of hands of help around the house. These beautifully packaged kits contain everything you need to make your very own kitchen and bathroom sprays. You will find inside 2 amber glass spray bottles, 3 bottles of essential oils, soap and labels for your spray bottles.

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