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Winning the War on Weight Loss

Posted by Gillian Day BHSc. Comp Med, Adv Dip Nat, AFMCP Grad
Winning the War on Weight Loss

Each day our heart will beat 100,000+ times, we will breathe 23,000 times and our liver will filter more than 1,500 litres of blood. For each one of these critical bodily processes we need energy. Our body gains this energy from (you guessed it), from the foods we eat; and any excess energy is stored as adipose, or fat tissue. So perhaps you find it almost impossible to keep lost weight off, or maybe you're confused by all the conflicting diet information out there? Or perhaps you've struggled with maintaining motivation on your weight loss journey due to cravings. If so - this post is for you!

Did you know that our fat cells are so much more than just excess baggage on our bodies and can even function as an organ within us? Fat cells are involved in;

  • Storing toxins which can be created by residues from medications and heavy metals. We always recommend Healthy essentials Liver Detox to place you in pole position for your weight loss and digestion goals.
  • Insulin resistance (think blood sugar) and leptin resistance (important in stopping us feeling hungry), basically making us have sugar lows that make us feel hungry all the time. We suggest Herbs of Gold GlucoPlex to curb all of your cravings, particularly sugar and support your body on its weight loss journey.
  • Hormone disruption can negatively impact the function of our thyroid, menstrual cycle, fertility and growth factor.
  • Causing our bodies produce too much unhealthy oestrogen.

Excess weight gain can also put an extra strain on our heart and impact our immune system, metabolism, fertility, bone health and more. . For each kilogram of adipose tissue, our body needs to grow 650 kilometers of extra capillaries to support it. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is our go to 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% therapeutic in maximising digestion in your body and energy manager.

So whilst the calories in – calories out theory is relevant, the question of why we put on weight is far more complex than this statement alone.

Well-functioning, healthy bodies need good quality, whole foods and replenishing fluids (See our article on water). ‘Well-functioning’ refers to the bodies’ ability to process our foods whilst providing abundant energy and limits the internal overwhelm that forces breakdown and malfunction. Unfortunately, there are many ways that we load up our own systems in a negative way, e.g. too much alcohol, saturated fats, trans fats and simple carbohydrates leading to weight gain. Bounce Green Energy Superfood Formula is our recommendation for the most concentrated, whole food formula for that extra edge in your weight loss program.

Managing stress is vital in the quest of losing weight. Whilst stress is the word we give to show how we are feeling, biologically, stress is our sympathetic nervous system being activated placing us on high alert to protect us from danger through fight, flight or freeze responses. When we continuously produce excess stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol, our body becomes hypersensitive to everything, all of the time and we lose the ability to repair, restore and regenerate.

Our body is so clever that in times of acute or chronic stress, it will minimise ‘luxury’ functions in our bodies; things like digesting food, having a healthy menstrual cycle or making babies. We don’t have to do these functions to survive, so they can be easily stopped. We recommend Thompsons Stress Manager to provide a powerful combination of herbs and nutrients to help relieve stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety.

Losing weight is a major physiological change in the body and needs to be supported accordingly. When not supported nutritionally, we can feel lethargic, nauseated, have headaches, vision issues, foggy thinking, and muscle fatigue (See our article on Nutrition).

We recommend Fusion Green Tea as the powerhouse weight loss herb to maximise our bodies ability to burn fuel, or calories as energy as well as being a potent antioxidant and anti-ageing support for your body.

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