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Our Story

Our Story

Just like you, we care about our health and well-being!

Gr8Health is the next leap in the Douglass family’s vision to provide all Australians the opportunity to be healthy. It’s a game-changing online business offering you a huge range of health food, organic beauty products, and natural household products. More than that, our goal is to provide you regular and important information on how to get healthy and stay healthy!

Where necessary and possible, our products comply with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), regarded worldwide as one of the strictest regulatory bodies for health and health-related products.  In addition, all gluten-free products meet Australian standards and all certified organic products are approved by credible certifying organisations.

Our History

Dr Julie Douglass was only 21 years old and halfway through her medical degree when her mother passed away from breast cancer. This tragedy fueled her passion to find both the causes and the most effective treatments for illnesses, resulting in a distinguished medical career spanning more than fifty years. Today, Dr Julie is a general practitioner who has witnessed firsthand the profound importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing disease, recovering from illness, and improving long-term health and wellness.

Diagnosing illness early as a tool for achieving maximum health inspired Dr Julie, in partnership with her brother, to found Australia’s first fully computerized and automated pathology group—the Douglass Automated Laboratories and Aerobics Clinic. When sold in the 1990s, Douglass Automated Laboratories was Australia’s largest pathology group, employing over 400 people. Douglass Automated Laboratories later became the cornerstone of Douglass Hanley Moir, currently Australia’s largest pathology group, which has since been sold to Sonic Health. Dr Julie also cofounded Clinpath Pathology in South Australia, which is still operating today.




Dr Julie’s depth and breadth of experience—along with the large and growing body of scientific research—has led to her medical philosophy about the critical importance of preventative medicine and lifestyle. She says, “Living a healthy lifestyle and making healthy food decisions is vital in experiencing better health and faster recovery from illness.” Dr Julie also practices what she teaches. She’s been a non-drinker, non-smoker, and has eaten a primarily plant-based diet for all her life.

For many years, the Douglass family has had a vision to provide every Australian the opportunity to be healthy. Gr8Health is the vital continuation of this singular vision. Dr Julie Douglass together with a dedicated team, are working hard to provide you and millions of Australians easier access to a wide range of health products that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

The philosophy behind everything Gr8Health does is simple: “Everyone can optimise health by following the 8 Key Natural Health Principles.” Learn more about the “Science of Gr8health” by clicking here.