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    A Tribute to Women: Breast Cancer and the Power of a Fighting Spirit

    Posted by: Sam Godfrey

    A Tribute to Women: Breast Cancer and the Power of a Fighting Spirit

    In Australia, in the last 30 years, the incidence of breast cancer amongst Australian women has increased by nearly 40%. In 2021 there were 20,030 new breast cancer cases reported, bringing the total number of women living with breast cancer to over 77,000. In 2021, over 3,240 women passed away because of breast cancer.

    Breast Cancer is a crippling disease and can move across the body in numerous different paths. Moving to vital organs, bones, brain and everywhere in between. Breast cancer is not a basic disease, there are different types and subtypes of the disease. The treatment you receive for your breast cancer may be quite different from treatment other people receive.

    One of our founders, Dr Julie Douglass, has battled breast cancer for 20 years, having undertaken various treatments. Four years ago, her daughter Anne-Marie (known affectionately as Anna), was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer. On the 31st of July 2022, Anna passed away.

    Anna has three young children aged 7 and under. Although we are all deeply sadden by her passing and the feeling of grief is real, we celebrate that Anna battled this aggressive form of cancer with a fighting spirit.  She was part of the 1% that when diagnosed, survived for 5 years.

    Gr8 Health was founded on the principle that many forms of natural medicine are science backed and can work in harmony with other medical approaches.  Vast amounts of research exist showing that undertaking a healthy lifestyle whilst fighting cancer can improve longevity. We validate the great help mainstream medical approaches such as radiation, surgery, various forms of chemotherapy can provide. Each individual needs to talk with their doctor and manage the approach taken to battle the disease.

    Cancer is a disease that ravages the body.  Cancer treatments also have side effects and can cause other problems and pain. Alternative natural treatments used in conjunction with mainstream medical approaches can help improve your quality of life and longevity. We believe that it was Anna’s breadth of research and vast number of alternative treatments she added to her medical plan, that helped her achieve her goal of 5 extra years.

    Anna passed away peacefully and in great health, considering her diagnosis. Although beaten by the disease, her body never gave up the battle and fought until the end. Anna’s wish was that her knowledge of the alternative treatments she used to improve her longevity were made available to others. She wanted other women to be informed, so they too could research and find the approaches that work best for them.

    The body is an incredible machine that fights daily for our survival.  Supporting your body naturally with optimised immunity has shown to greatly help. For example: A team of researchers at Loma Linda University in the United States has shown vegetarian women live for an average of 10 years longer than non-vegetarian women — 85 years compared to 75 years. For 14 years, Loma Linda researchers tracked the diets, lifestyle, and diseases among 34,000 people. This group encourages a vegetarian diet and abstaining from alcohol and smoking. This select group are ideal participants for large population studies, because most don’t smoke or drink. This makes it easier to see how their other lifestyle choices, particularly dietary choices, impact their health and longevity.

    The study found that there were 5 key habits that could add years to your life. They were:

    1. Eating a plant-based diet,
    2. Eating a handful of nuts regularly (around five times a week),
    3. Being active,
    4. Not smoking, and drinking
    5. Being a healthy weight.

    The research found on average these lifestyle factors could each provide an extra 2–3 years to your life. What’s better is they add up — so if you follow them all you could enjoy an extra decade!

    To battle a disease like breast cancer, a fighting spirit is needed.  Today we pay tribute to the vast number of women who fight this disease whilst still loving their partners, children, family and friends.  We have witnessed this in the lives of two women connected to the Gr8 Health family.

    In the next few weeks, as we continue to remember Anna, we will list and provide the numerous alternative treatments she discovered and tried that may assist in your battle or someone else’s battle with breast cancer.

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