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    Brand Review Epzen

    Posted by: Mariana Rosa

    Brand Review Epzen

    Bringing Wellness Back Down to Earth

    As soon as we added Epzen to Gr8 Health, I knew I needed to get my hands on their products. 

    Adorable packaging, great quality products and added magnesium – what’s not to love? 

    I fell completely in love with the entire brand as soon as I saw it. Have you heard of Epzen before? If not, you should!


    What is It?

    Epzen brings a no BS approach to self care – Because all that pretentious self-care stuff is a total snooze and we couldn’t agree more. 

    Their products contain clean, naturally-good-for-you ingredients And they get bonus points for being cruelty free, vegan, Australian made and owned.

    All the products match in terms of packaging, so the aesthetic is on point. They also don’t use any parabens or sulfates in their products. 


    We Tried

    Of course I had to try! And it was hard to pick just one product. But for the sake of my sanity (and pockets) I picked 3!


    EPZEN Body Wash Hydrating Calm Cleanse 750ml

    This body wash smells absolutely divine. It so smooth and gentle that you’ll definitely use more than necessary during your shower! 

    The calming scent is very soothing and it really takes over your entire bathroom. You can smell a mix of orange and lavender and the scent really just calms your mind and body – it’s an experience more than just a shower! 

    The best part for me is how big the tube is – great value for money on an amazing soothing, must have body wash! This will transform your shower like no other body wash can. 


    EPZEN Bathing Bubbles Dream Bubble 500ml

    The bathing bubbles are incredibly fun! Super soothing as well, only a little bit goes a long way with this product as it creates a lot of bubbles! You can smell the vanilla and the scent is perfect to relax to. 

    I have to admit I spent way longer than usual having a bath as the bubbles do not disappear fast and the product itself is super hydrating and smooth. A definite must have for those days we just need some self care!


    EPZEN Magnesium Body Lotion Relax 100ml

    This was by far my favourite from all of them. This lotion is incredible. I tend to have a really sore back from working sitting down all day and this lotion definitely helped. It leaves the skin super smooth, really relaxes your muscles and it’s perfect before bed time. 

    I usually have a bath and then put a bit of this lotion on my back and my legs and you can just feel your muscles relaxing. 

    The essential oils added give a little extra for the scent, leaving your body hydrated, relaxed, smooth and ready for a good night. 


    Final Thoughts

    All the products from Epzen are actually an experience you need to have. With incredible natural and clean products, this range is my new go to for when I need extra love and care and it never disappoints. 

    You need to get your hands on some Epzen products and introduce a whole new level of love into your self care routine! Find this amazing range at Gr8 Health here along with my favourites below and come relax with us! 

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