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    Collagen Supplements: Bovine or Marine?

    Posted by: Quieta Bail Naturopath (BHSc)

    Collagen Supplements: Bovine or Marine?

    By now I’m sure you have heard of the miracle protein ‘Collagen’ – the trendiest beauty product on the market. Although it’s most well known to assist in postponing the signs of age – fine lines and wrinkles, collagen can be used for many other conditions. Its main function is to provide overall bodily support though connective tissues, muscles, skins, bones and joints. Collagen is also important for gut health by improving the integrity of the digestive tract as well as improving cognitive function! Basically, if we didn’t naturally produce collagen, wrinkles would be the least of our problems. Unfortunately, though, our natural processes tend to slow down with age, which is why supplementation of collagen has become extremely beneficial. There are a few different types of collagen on the market, so which is the best for you? There are five main types of collagen peptides:

    • Type I: The most abundant collagen within the body – found mostly in the hair, skin, nails, organs, bones and ligaments. This is the best type of collagen for the healthy, young skin.
    • Type II: Important for cartilage growth and to protect the gut.
    • Type III: Usually found right alongside Type I – also helps with skin and bone health, as well as improvement of cardiovascular health and arterial walls
    • Type V/X: not abundant or commonly found within supplements – V is important for cell membranes and placental tissue growth; X is important for bone integrity.

    Main sources of collagen:

    Bovine Collagen:

    Sourced from cattle, bovine collagen is plentiful in types I and III collagen, which means it’s a great all rounder – use it for hair, skin and nails, as well as bone and muscle health. You want to find grass-fed, sustainable bovine collagen. We love: Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Skin Hair Nails

    Marine Collagen:

    As it sounds, Marine Collagen is commonly sourced from fish. The marine collagen is Type I collagen – meaning its best for the skin. Sourced from fish, marine collagen has great bioavailability, especially with high quality powders that are hydrolysed, making it easier to use. You want to find a Marine Collagen that is sustainably and wildly sourced from fish. We love: Herbs of Gold Collagen Gold

    For the Vegans and Vegetarians!

    That Hippie Co. Collagen Booster & Prebiotics To summarise, collagen is a beneficial supplement to assist in overall bodily function. The type of collagen you want to take is dependent on what your main goal is. If you’re looking to reduce joint pain, improve gut health, increase overall connective tissue health then Bovine Collagen may be more your jam. If you want to focus your collagen-supplementing efforts on reducing the signs of aging and improving skin and hair health, then marine collagen could be more your style. Here at GR8 health, we believe that you must support the body from the inside out, so although collagen is beneficial, it’s also important to drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and maintain regular exercise. Either way, enjoy looking and feeling radiant!

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