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    Discover Best of the Bone

    Posted by: Mariana Rosa

    Discover Best of the Bone

    An Honest Review of Quality Bone Broth Products

    Best of the Bone is back in stock at Gr8 Health! With a focus on natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods, Best of the Bone offers a range of products designed to support overall health and vitality.

    Why Do We Like It?

    One of the standout features of Best of the Bone is its dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. Their bone broths are made from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality nutrients with every serving. This commitment to quality is evident in the rich flavour and nutrient content of their products.

    But What Do We Really Think? 

    This brand offers a variety of bone broth flavours to suit different preferences, including original, turmeric, and collagen varieties. Each flavor is carefully crafted to deliver a delicious and nourishing experience. Whether you enjoy sipping bone broth on its own or using it as a base for soups, stews, and sauces, Best of the Bone has something to offer.

    Bone broth is rich in collagen, gelatin, amino acids, and minerals, all of which play essential roles in supporting gut health, joint function, and immune system function and it’s an important addition to any wellness routine. Let’s dive into their products! 

    The Original 

    When it comes to choosing the best products from Best of the Bone, it’s hard to choose just one. However, their Original Bone Broth stands out as a classic favorite for our customers who have been with us for a long time. Made from slow-cooked beef bones and organic vegetables, this broth is rich in flavour and nutrients. It’s perfect for sipping on its own or using as a base for soups, stews, and sauces.

    But how does it compare to another community favourite? Gevity’s Bone Broth Body Glue is equally as good as it makes 39 serves per jar in comparison to 35 with Best of the Bone, so you got more value for money. In terms of flavour, both have a very natural, umami profile, ideal to add to any meal, sauce or stocks, although we feel like the Gevity option is ticker, perfect even to marinate. The Best of the Bone has a higher protein content so if you’re looking to boost your protein intake, stick to Best of the Bone – if you’re looking for a more multi use product, Gevity is your choice! 


    Another standout product is the Turmeric Bone Broth, which combines the benefits of bone broth with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. This warming and comforting broth are ideal for supporting joint health and reducing inflammation in the body.

    One of our best selling brands Nutra Organics also offers a turmeric bone broth, but in powder form. Comparing these products, we definitely stick with Best of the Bone on this one for more portions per package, lower price and a more nutrient dense option. Also the turmeric flavour on the the Best of the Bone option is more prominent, making it more delicious! 


    For those looking to boost their collagen intake, Best of the Bone offers a Collagen that’s packed with protein and amino acids. Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints, making this an excellent choice for overall wellness.

    But can it be compared to one of our best sellers? Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen seems to be at the top of the charts these days, so can Best of the Bone compete? 

    In terms of price, Best of the Bone wins, although the Designs for Health option weighs more (210grs of powder for the Best of the Bone option against the 375gr on Designs for Health). Both are flavourless and can easily be added to smoothies or juices. In terms of composition, the Designs for Health option is more complete with 3 patented collagen peptides included. If you’re looking for effectiveness and a superior blend, Designs for Health is a far better option. 

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, Best of the Bone is a brand that delivers on its promise of high-quality bone broth products and we do love the range, although we do think that some improvements should be considered since other options seem to be superior since their first launch. 

    With a focus on natural ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and nutrient-rich formulas, their products are sure to support your health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a delicious beverage or a versatile cooking ingredient, Best of the Bone has you covered with a range that has been loved and trusted by millions of people for many years – now back in stock at Gr8 Health with a 10% relaunch discount. Ready to stock up on an old favourite? 

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