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    FAQs: Moesha's Pathway to Gold - Your Questions Answered!

    Posted by: Mariana Rosa

    FAQs: Moesha's Pathway to Gold - Your Questions Answered!

    Moesha’s Journey on the Road to the Olympics

    One of our Gr8 Health athletes qualified for the Olympics is Moesha Johnson – an incredible swimmer and athlete that had a surreal journey and unbelievable strength to get where she is. 

    Moesha’s journey to the Olympics is nothing short of inspiring. Her unwavering determination, unparalleled skill, and incredible strength have propelled her towards greatness, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for athletes worldwide.

    See how she reached the top and how she maintains her strength and health during hard training times! 

    What made you want to get into this sport and why?

    Growing up I did learn to swim for water safety. But as a kid my mum would say I always wanted to be in the water and couldnt be kept away. It’s one of those things where I love the challenge of the sport but I also love just being in water and the peace and joy it brings me. 

    What are three things that you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle as an athlete?

    Regular sleep routine and as many hours of sleep as possible. A well rounded diet. Mindset and mental work both in training and at home. And talk and spend time with family. 

    How many times a week do you train?

    Each week can vary as we go through different periods of training loads. But it averages 11 sessions in the water, 6 sessions on the land. 

    Was your goal to become a professional athlete with your chosen sport?

    I never dreamed of reaching the international stage in sport let alone becoming world medalist and qualifying for an Olympic games. It always seemed too big a dream and too far out of my reach. So I think my story goes to show you can do anything you want with determination, commitment and hard work.

    What is something that you would like to achieve throughout the season?

    For me I have lots of goals to keep me motivated and progressing both in and out of the water. For me at the moment I have some times I would like to reach in racing but I also would like to reach the splits at some point this season with my flexibility. 

    Where do you see yourself accomplishing in the next 5 years?

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt in life it’s that so much can happen in 5 years. I don’t like to put expectations on my life goals but have a rough idea of where I might be heading but also take opportunities when the arise. I can see myself swimming for a while longer but I know this chapter will one day come to a close so I’m continually exploring ideas outside of the pool and growing myself as a human not just as a swimmer. 

    What sporting achievement are you most proud of and why?

    My 4th place at world champs where I qualified for Paris. I was extremely ill for 3 weeks in the preparation leading into that event. So to have done such a great race with a preparation far from ideal showed me how strong and tough I am and I am so proud of how I managed it all. 

    What gets you motivated?

    A lot of things motivate me. I’m a very driven person naturally. But even driven people need extra motivation. My family motivates me, my training group and team, my goals, the time and energy I have already invested in this career, but most of all my dreams. 

    Which strengths do you believe you have that makes you a good athlete?

    I’m a very good listener. It’s hard to take criticism as it can hurt our pride, but I have somehow been able to take what people say, think about it, then make the changes and learn and develop myself.

    What does your diet and nutrition plan look like when you’re getting into shape in your training season?

    I wouldn’t say I have a specific diet. For me that does not work for my headspace. I prefer to look at all my nutrition as ways of fuelling and nourishing my body and letting that guide my nutrition choices. It changes throughout a season as different training loads require different fuelling. Currently it’s a whole lot of carbs as priority for the work I am doing plus then getting my nutrients from my veggies and protein sources. 

    What Gr8 Health supplements do you use to keep you healthy?

    I have quite a few favourites at the moment in my day to day routine. I am in love with using eye masks for sleeping which is #1 for keeping me healthy. But I also regularly take the herbs of Gold vitamins, (C, Magnesium, Zinc… ). 

    What does your cheat day look like when you are not in training?

    It varies a lot depending on the time or year, phase of training I am in and where I am in the world. It always looks exactly like whatever I feel like doing, no limits and rules attached… (within reason). Sounds a bit wild, but for example at the moment I let myself not stick to a regular bedtime the night before, often have a special meal, don’t set an alarm and see how long I can sleep for. The next morning is currently a slow morning in my pyjamas till after lunchtime. Then I sometimes enjoy some social time, or a lazy day without doing any work where possible. So really its a super recovery day for my mind and body. Dream cheat day is a late morning coffee, beach time, burger and an ice cream or choccy with a lazy afternoon with family or watching some tv. 

    How does Gr8 Health support you?

    They continually inspire me to pursue the healthier version of myself. They are a local business dreaming big just like me. So all the quality products I can trust are right in my local city, sourced by people I know and trust. 

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