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Denmar Colon Cleanse Powder Review

Posted by Quieta Bail Student Naturopath
Denmar Colon Cleanse Powder Review

,Denmar Colon Cleanse involves the practical application of magnesium oxide for the treatment of constipation, yeast infection, diverticula, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal cleansing and enhancing general health. It comes with a book which explains the science behind the formulation and other health tips.

How does it work?

Denmar Colon Cleanse may assist in the relief of occasional constipation by increasing water in the intestine. Colon Cleanse may rid the body of wastes and promote elimination. Magnesium Oxide is truly an amazing substance.

When mixed with water and consumed, its unique properties allow it to liberate large amounts of water in the gastrointestinal tract. The main cleansing benefits for Magnesium Oxide are derived from this ability to promote hydration. This hydration process helps soften and liquefy the impacted and hardened faecal matter.

Magnesium oxide is often used to relieve digestive complaints like heartburn and constipation. Given that the body does not absorb it well, it isn’t a good choice for those who need to raise their magnesium levels. It also contains a small amount of magnesium carbonate which is used as an antacid in medicine, as well as being used in table salt.

SafetyDenmar Colon Cleanse Plus Book

Magnesium oxide is generally safe within normal doses, but as it is known to clear the bowels effectively, it’s important that you are consuming plenty of water when taking it, as increased dosing may lead to diarrhoea. Due to the increased bowel movements, it may suppress the absorption of certain medications. Ideally, you should be only taking this under health practitioner advice to ensure there is no unexpected side effects.

The dosage is quite high, therefore it should be used acutely and not over long-term as prolonged use of laxatives is undesirable and may lead to dependence. Colon Cleanse will cause the stool to liquify and produce a bowel movement within half to six hours. Easy access to a bathroom is advisable for several hours after each dose.


The undigested and putrefying rubbish that has stuck to the bowel wall blocking the absorption of nutrients and creating a source of toxicity is safely and gently eliminated. Therefore, Denmar Colon Cleanse may be indicated if you suffer:

  • Constipation, diarrhoea, sluggish elimination, irregular/irritable bowel movements
  • Feeling of incomplete elimination
  • Bad breath and foul-smelling stools
  • Poorly formed, hard, small, or “ribbon” shaped stools
  • Skin problems, rashes, boils, pimples, acne
  • Frequent mucous, colds, viruses
  • Menstrual disorders, thrush
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Back Pain

Denmar Colon Cleanse Powder Reviews

The majority of the Denmar Colon Cleanse Powder reviews are positive! Although some report they don’t like the taste, they all agree on one thing: it works. We’ve included a couple of real customer reviews below!


Best cleanse on the market, its gentle easy to take fantastic results I have used for over 30 years and recommended to a lot of people.

Janet: COLON CLEANSE (5 stars)

This stuff is simply brilliant. If I am ever feeling a bit stagnant, bloated or toxic, this is my go-to. Usually, one dose in the evening is all I need. The next morning I have a good flush-out and I'm back to normal. When I'm travelling for work I keep some on hand because I can't always exercise and keep my bowels moving properly. It sure beats a day of fasting on sugary prune juice, and I appreciate the extra dose of magnesium too. I have been using this product for around 10 years now and can't recommend it highly enough.

Not to be used every day! (5 stars)

It cleans you out, make sure you have quick access to the toilet. It really cleans your intestines and colon out.

Final take

This is an effective product for short-term use to clear bowels and improve digestion. Ideally, speak to a health care professional before taking this product to ensure it is right for you. If you are looking for other detoxifying products, check out our category page here. As always, feel free to message us or give us a call on (07) 5532 2069 to speak to one of our naturopaths.

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