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Our Science

Gr8Health has been uniquely founded and established by experienced, knowledgeable doctors with distinguished medical careers. Every team member is dedicated to making people just like you healthier and happier through wellness products and education.

In order to provide you the best lifestyle and wellness possible, we rely on available scientific research, verified traditional health and wellness claims, and the extensive experience of our doctors, who have seen both positive and negative health outcomes from the decisions their patients have made.

The philosophy behind Gr8Health is that everyone can optimise their own health by following the 8 Key Natural Health Principles, which have been validated by scientific research.

More than ever, scientific research is uncovering the fact that many of the major lifestyle diseases—including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—affecting Australians today are largely the result of the way we live. And for each positive lifestyle change we make, we decrease the odds of developing these diseases in the first place.

Following basic natural principles for health is supported by rigorous scientific research and has been witnessed professionally for more than fifty years in the lives of thousands of patients by the teams of doctors who have created Gr8Health. We can increase our chances of living long, healthy lives—and Gr8Health was established to provide you with health and happiness by offering you products in line with the following 8 Natural health principles: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Moderation, Air, Rest, and Design

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