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SABA Organics – “Your skin is like a sponge. Don’t absorb toxins!”

Posted by Quieta Bail Student Naturopath
SABA Organics – “Your skin is like a sponge. Don’t absorb toxins!”

SABA ORGANICS is the latest brand to drop in to GR8 Health and we couldn’t be more excited. The next ‘Sukin’ – Saba is the latest trendy brand on the market. Therefore, we thought we’d give you a heads up on what makes their products so great.

This family owned and operated business uses Australian certified organic ingredients and no nasties… so we obviously are already in love, and you will be too! Another amazing thing about Saba organics is that they remove nasties found in other products on the market. This makes it safer for the environment as well! Win, win! The Saba family have dedicated 10 generations to making organic products affordable and accessible. That’s many years for refining and perfecting the process to ensure that their products work effectively and are safe for use.

Saba Organics has your whole bathroom cabinet sorted – from hair and skin, to oral hygiene and post-workout refreshment, Saba organics will make you look and feel great from head to toe! Here are our top picks that we love using:

Saba Organics Certified Organic Hand & Body Lotion Lavender & Mango Butter

Although all the different fragrances of this hand and body lotion will have you feeling like dry skin was a thing of the past, the scent of lavender and mango just sends you into a dream! With the added benefits of mango butter – a natural source of vitamin A, fatty acids and antioxidants – this product is ultra-moisturising and anti-aging!

Saba Organics Certified Organic Facial Toner (Alcohol Free) Witch Hazel & Aloe 125ml

Witch hazel and Aloe Vera have both been used for centuries to keep skin radiant and damage-free. Combined in this beautiful product from Saba organics, this facial toner will not only reduce signs of aging through its astringent properties, it will also sooth and nourish – keeping your skin hydrated and plump throughout the year.


Saba Organics Certified Organic Hand Sanitiser Rose & Kakadu Plum

Who said hand sanitiser had to be full of chemicals to fight germs? Not Saba Organics. This wonderful smelling product harnesses the natural anti-bacterial properties of plants to kill germs – whilst also making your skin look and feel great. If the normal nasties that come in conventional sanitisers irritate you – this product will be perfect for your everyday use.


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