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A supplement a day keeps the Dr away. By Dr Peter Dingle


A supplement a day keeps the Dr away. By Dr Peter Dingle



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A supplement a day keeps the Dr away. By Dr Peter Dingle

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In the beginning there were healthy, whole foods and healthy lifestyles and people took responsibility for their own health. Now, much of the world is dying from food-related illness. Half the world is dying from not enough food and the other half from too much nutrient-depleted, calorie-dense food.

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are now the biggest killers in developed countries. The current medical model that focuses on treating, rather than preventing, illness is simply not working.
As individuals we need to take responsibility for improving our health.

For years, debate has raged over the relative importance of dietary supplements as a
means of maintaining good health and safeguarding against disease. The debate has, unfortunately, not relied on good science but rather has been fuelled by a very small number of quasi-scientific studies that have been fraught with controversy. Such an excess of misinformation has led to a strongly divided public and professional opinion on the place of supplements in our diet.

The argument for supplementation is easily summed up into several main areas,
One of which is that it is no longer possible to get all the nutrients that should be in our food. Through modern cropping, growing and harvesting techniques, transport, storage and
marketing, not to mention processing and cooking, it is possible to lose 100% of the nutrient value of the food and, in its place, add toxins. This means that if it is not in the food we eat, we have to get it from supplementation. The modern day processed “white foods” such as sugar, bread, white rice and processed breakfast foods are full of empty calories and, often, extra sugar and are low in nutritional value. Unfortunately these foods now make up a large portion of many people’s food intake.

Informed supplementation can lead to a healthier, happier life for you and your family.

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