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    10 Best Multivitamins for Women

    Posted by: Quieta Bail Naturopath (BHSc)

    10 Best Multivitamins for Women

    Best vitamins for women

    Women have different nutrient requirements depending on which stage of life they’re at. For example, from menstruation onwards, some girls may require extra intake of iron due to increased blood loss. Then through pregnancy and breastfeeding, they change again, as well as though menopause. Knowing which nutrients you need, may therefore be hard, and can also depend on your health, lifestyle, and diet. This is where multivitamin supplementation can come in handy, for any stage of life. Multivitamins for women are a great way to improve nutritional intake.

    Vitamins are mostly found in the foods we eat, although sometimes you may choose to supplement this with a multi. Another option is to supplement with wholefood vitamin supplements. Getting natural nutrients from whole foods is as nature intended, and therefore may be easier to absorb. Although, if you are trying to reach specific targets, higher doses are usually found in multivitamin supplements.

    Best multivitamins for women

    We stock the best range of natural and well formulated multivitamins for women. It’s always best to test your nutrient levels to know what you’re missing out on. Our favourite products are just a great addition to your day. That way, you know you’re reaching your daily minimums for nutrients, and get to have all the benefits of this! Here are out naturopathically selected, 11 best multivitamins for women.


    Herbs of Gold Women’s Multi+

    Women’s Multi is a one-a-day, vegan-friendly multivitamin that contains 25 important vitamins and minerals, plus herbs to support women’s health. It contains a blend of important vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help women perform at their peak. This multi contains spirulina, which is packed with naturally occurring minerals, amino acids, beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids. It contains the active form of folate and B12 for easier absorption and utilisation. These nutrients can help to maintain brain health and support memory. The added herbs such as Ginkgo, Grapeseed and Milk Thistle help to support antioxidant capabilities and improve cardiovascular function.

    The benefit of this product, and why we love it, is really due to it’s added antioxidant capabilities. This can help to support stress responses, improve collagen formation and encourage faster wound healing. The active B vitamins help to boost energy and assist blood sugar as well as regulate moods. The good dose of Vitamin D improves calcium absorption, which can prevent osteoporosis later in life, a key risk factor for women past menopause.

    Naturobest Preconception Multi for Women

    This is our absolute favourite preconception multi for women. Containing a clinically formulated multivitamin, multimineral and antioxidant for women which is designed to help enhance preconception health and prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy. Provides only active forms of vitamins B2, B6, B12 and folate and is free from copper. This is an ultra-low excipient formula.

    We love it because it contains high dosages of key vitamins that ensure a healthy conception. Not only that, ensuring you meet daily needs of vitamins and minerals can help support a healthy pregnancy and healthy foetal development. This formula also supports thyroid function and energy, glucose and carbohydrate metabolism and improves skin and immune system.

    You can also carry on to the Prenatal Trimester 1 which includes Ginger, which is amazing for morning sickness.

    Amazonia Raw Nutrients Women’s Multi

    Amazonia Raw Wholefood Extracts Women’s Multi is a potent,  organic source of non-synthetic vitamins and minerals that may support women’s physiology and wellbeing. This delicious blend contains highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals extracted purely from organic wholefoods. With a B vitamin complex, zinc, iron, silica, herbs and more, Amazonia Raw Wholefood Extracts Women’s Multi provides vitality the way nature intended.

    We love it because it’s a wholefood extract, therefore easier to absorb and utilise the vitamins and minerals. The addition of silica and vitamin c helps to boost collagen product, meaning it can improve skin and hair health! Wholefood B vitamins and iron can help to reduce fatigue, and the formula contains key nutrients that help to support a healthy immune system.

    Fusion Women’s Multi Advanced

    Women’s Multi Advanced is a daily multivitamin formulation containing a range of vitamins to help sup

    port energy levels and vitality every day, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and the mineral iron. The nutrients biotin and zinc support skin integrity and hair and nail health. Along with vitamin C, zinc is also needed to support collagen formation. Includes the herbs shatavari and dong quai, which can improve hormone metabolism and function, and shatavari is a well known aphrodisiac. Milk thistle and turmeric, are also included to improve liver function and reduce inflammation.

    We love this formula due to it’s amazing herbal additions! This is a great formula for women to support the whole body through the life span. The addition of herbs can improve mood and regulate menstruation as well as improve symptoms through menopause.

    LifeStart Naturopathics Fem21


    Although this isn’t a “multi” necessarily – it’s a great daily addition for females that helps to improve digestion, energy, sleep, hormonal issues, moods and cycle regularity. Women swear by Fem21! Fem21 is a therapeutic blend of herbs, superfoods, greens and probiotics formulated specifically for women. By incorporating Fem21 into your day, you’re supporting your body to naturally heal & rebalance. You’ll be on the right track for hormonal balance, liver & digestion detoxification, alkalising, energy & healthy metabolism.

    We particularly love this blend due to it’s use of whole herbs and plants to really support almost every system in the body! The addition of probiotic strains further assists gut health, which is the root of all good health.

    Whole Earth & Sea Women’s Multi

    Women’s Multivitamin contains vitamin and mineral complexes important for women. It includes calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, vitamin D3 and K2, iron, and active forms of folate, B12. Enzymes, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients are also included for energy and vitality, making this formula ideal for women looking for a raw-based multi packed full of organic ingredients.

    We love this formula as many of the vitamins and minerals in this nutrient packed formula are sourced from plants such as amla, lichen, algae, kelp, natto, garlic, tomato, and sunflower.  Food sourced nutrients are supplied just as nature intended.

    Whole Earth & Sea Women’s 50+ Multi

    Much like their multivitamins for women (under 50), this formula for women older than 50 contains vitamin and mineral complexes and active folate and other b vitamins, mostly from plant sources. This particular blend contains extra nutrients that particularly support women older than 50 as they go through menopause and onwards.

    Phytoplankton Super Greens Complete Wholefood Supplement

    Boost your vitality with ULTANA™ Phytoplankton, a plant-based wholefood source of omega-3 EPA & DHA and vitamin B12. The unique lipid structure of ULTANA™ Phytoplankton – containing phospholipids and glycolipids – may help your body absorb three times the amount of omega-3 compared to fish or algal oils. ULTANA™ also contains omegas 6, 7 and 9. There are all important nutrients and multivitamins for women.

    May help support your energy, nourish your gut and strengthen your adrenals with Vitamin C and E, plus high potency B vitamins, including vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which may aid stress reduction and reduce nervous energy. The vegan probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus may restore good gut flora and support intestinal wellbeing.

    Fusion Iron Advanced

    Many women are deficient in iron, particularly after starting menstruation. If you have had a blood test and have confirmed iron deficiency, the fusion iron advanced it a great multi formula that can help. It contains iron with the addition of Vitamin B12 to help maintain normal blood. It also contains Vitamin C which assists in the absorption of iron!

    We love this formula for the addition of Vitamin C and B12 to help improve iron absorption. This can be particularly beneficial for women who experience heavy periods, older women, and those who may not consume animal products.

    Vitus Vegan Multi

    You’ll know that the Vitus MULTI is magical from the moment you the pop the lid. Its light texture floats out of the bottle like a cloud of wholefood goodness. Not only does the VITUS® VEGAN MULTI masterfully blend over 22 essential vitamins into 1 all-natural super-powered powder, it’s 100% sourced from natural food. It provides over 100% RDI of key nutrients Vitamins A, B12, C&D, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron and Iodine!

    We love this formula due to it being a complete wholefood supplement that helps vegans and meat-eaters alike reach the recommended intake of many nutrients just be the simple addition of this to smoothies, or just with water!



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