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    10 Best Sleep Supplements for a Good Night's Sleep

    Posted by: Kelsea Bell - Gr8 Health Naturopath

    10 Best Sleep Supplements for a Good Night's Sleep

    The annual World Sleep Day survey in 2020 by Royal Phillips found that 70% of people are now experiencing one or more sleep issues since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With these alarming statistics, we have seen a huge influx of people who are looking for sleep support. That’s why we have selected our top 10 best sleep supplements to help you get a good night’s sleep.

    Why Sleep is important

    Getting a good night’s rest is incredibly important for our health. Although it may seem like our bodies are just resting, a lot is happening while you sleep. When your body is in a deep sleep, it is in recovery mode. This is where your body replenishes its energy and repairs cells, tissues, and muscles. It is the process that helps you feel awake and refreshed the next day. To complete this recovery phase, your body requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Without enough sleep, your body has a hard time functioning properly. Poor sleep has been linked to a number of health conditions including memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, fatigue, reduced immunity, and poor focus.  Needless to say, it is important to allow your body to sleep!

    10 Best Natural Sleep Supplements

    Flordis ReDormin Forte 30t

    If you are looking to improve your sleep quality, Flordis ReDormin may be right for you. This formula contains a specific combination of Valerian and Hops, known as Ze 91019. Cliniacally researched for over 10 years to help relieve night-time stress and tension while supporting a deeper, more restful sleep. The research found that 87% of patients reported sustained sleep benefits after 2 weeks of ReDormin Forte.

    We love it because of it clinical research, which means you know it’s going to be effective! Research shows best results, after 4 weeks of treatment you will see the best results.

    Nature’s Sunshine Valerian Root 440MG 100 Caps

    Valerian is one of the most popular, and my personal favourite herbs for sleeplessness. Valerian primarily functions as a sedative and anxiolytic. It works by increasing GABA levels which help us to feel calm and promote restful sleep.

    We love this formula because it provides a healthy dose of Valerian that will help you drift off to sleep easy wityhout making you feel drowsy the next day.

    Herbs of Gold Magnesium Night Plus- citrus berry 150g

    This is a delicious citrus berry flavoured drink ith high-strength magnesium and traditional herbs including Californian poppy and passionflower to promote sleep. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is vital in overall health, including sleep. Unfortunately, many Australians are deficient due to our depleted soils and stressful lives. When we are stressed, our bodies require more magnesium, which may explain why when many people are stressed, they suffer from insomnia, a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium helps to regulate melatonin, a hormone that helps control our daily sleep-wake cycles. It also increases GABA, a neurotransmitter that slows brain activity, helping people to relax and therefore get to sleep easier.

    We are big fans of this formula as it contains two well-absorbed forms of magnesium. Plus, we love the addition of the herbal ingredients! You are set for a good night’s rest with this one!

    PPC HERBS Sleep-Plex Herbal Remedy 200ml

    The PPC Herbs Sleep-Plex is a liquid tonic that encourages calmness in the mind and relaxation in the body to help drift you off to well-rested night. The formula contains traditional Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicines such as Passionflower, Withania and Skullcap. Passionflower is particularly useful for those with anxiety or nervous tension. Studies have found the beautiful purple flower of passionflower works by increasing GABA levels in the brain, which results in relaxation, improved mood, and better sleep.

    We love this formula because for 20 years PPC Herbs have been creating high-quality, independently tested products. They are Australian owned and use organic and handcrafted ingredients wherever possible.

    Superfeast Reishi 100g

    You probably have heard of the Reishi mushroom, but did you know it has been used medicinally for over 2000 years? In traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is considered a spiritual herb, one of the top Taoist herbs believed to nourish our Shen – the spiritual essence of our being. It was used to enhance calmness, and to adapt to stress better and promote sleep. Today, research has suggested reishi can improve sleep onset and increase sleeping time and non-rem sleeping time.

    We love this product because it is 100% pure mushroom medicine! Superfeast are Aussie owned and source their ingredients from the most pristine mountains, valleys and plains in extremely rural regions. Each product undergoes rigorous and independently tested to ensure their purity.

    Healthwise L-Tryptophan 150g Powder

    Never heard of tryptophan? If you’ve felt groggy and tired after a protein-rich dinner, chances are you have tryptophan to thank. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that gets converted into a molecule called 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), which helps to produce serotonin and in turn melatonin, our sleep regulating hormone.

    We love the Healthwise Tryptophan because it is 100% pharmaceutical grade with no fillers or nasties. Take on an empty stomach before bed for best results.

    Healthwise L-theanine

    L-Theanine is a powerful amino acid that reduces feelings of stress and improves sleep quality, particularly with falling asleep faster. This amino acid will also re-establish your wake cycle, so it won’t make you drowsy the next day.

    L-Theanine is a great place to start as it puts you in the right state of mind to get sleep easily and naturally. 200mg twice daily is the recommended dose.

    Fusion Sleep 30s

    Having trouble falling asleep? Fusion Health Sleep formula contains a synergistic blend of some of the most potent sleep herbs. These herbs provide pharmacologically and traditionally backed hypnotic, sedative and nerve relaxant effects to relieve symptoms of insomnia and poor-quality sleep. The blend contains Passionflower to reduce nervous tension and induce sleep and Ziziphus to calm the mind and spirit to induce sleep.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia and poor-quality sleep are due to disturbances in the flow of Shen (mind and spirit). We love this formula because it corrects the flow of Shen. It calms the mind and spirit, and clears the senses to assist falling asleep and improve sleep quality in poor or irregular sleepers.

    Bach Flower Rescue Sleep Drops 10ml

    If you can’t stop thinking about tomorrows to do list or switch off your racing thoughts. The Bach Rescue Sleep Drops could be your saviour. A gentle remedy of five individual flower essences carefully selected to help relieve sleeplessness associated with recurring and worrying thoughts.

    We love this formula as it a gentle approach that captures the essence of flowers. Each flower within the formula encapsulates a particular feeling or emotion. Providing a gentle, natural solution for the consequences of our busy lives. It’s an easy-to-use formula that you can keep by your bed side for those restless nights.

    Ancient Minerals Magnesium Good Night Melatonin Lotion 75ml

    The Ancient Minerals Goodnight Magnesium Lotion blends magnesium, MSM and melatonin in a nourishing and easy to apply lotion. Rich in nourishing plant oils, including coconut oil and shea butter, this lotion leaves your skin hydrated and without feeling greasy. The lotion delivers 3mg of melatonin and 25mg of elemental magnesium per pump (1ml). Magnesium has been shown to help the body to unwind and relax by regulating neurotransmitters and stimulating GABA receptors.

    We love it because it is a gentle and nourishing way to promote sleep by providing the body with magnesium and melatonin. Apply 30 minutes before bed on the soles of the feet.

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