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    Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Review

    Posted by: Quieta Bail Naturopath (BHSc)

    Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Review


    Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body. This protein benefits our muscles, skin, bones, tendons and digestive system. It is often thought of the “glue” that holds our bodies together. Collagen benefits our skin as it gives our skin its elasticity and holds our joints and tendons together. It also supports a healthy digestive system by repairing and healing the gut lining. The biggest use though, is for it’s beauty benefits. Here our naturopath provides her Collagen Beauty Review.

    As we age our collagen levels naturally decline. After the age of 25 we lose approximately 1.5% of collagen each year. As we lose collagen, our skin begins to sag, wrinkles start to appear, our hair gets thinner and our nails become weaker. By adding collagen to your daily routine, this will help support your body’s natural production and in turn can improve your skin’s elasticity and fight the signs of aging. It can also help increase joint strength and repair the lining of your gut.

    Types of Collagen


    There are five main types of collagen peptides:

    • Type I: The most abundant collagen within the body – found mostly in the hair, skin, nails, organs, bones and ligaments. This is the best type of collagen for the healthy, young skin.
    • Type II: Important for cartilage growth and to protect the gut.
    • Type III: Usually found right alongside Type I – also helps with skin and bone health, as well as improvement of cardiovascular health and arterial walls
    • Type V/X: not abundant or commonly found within supplements – V is important for cell membranes and placental tissue growth; X is important for bone integrity.

    Nutra Organics Collagen

    Nutra Organics sources their collagen from bovine sourced (i.e. cattle). Bovine collagen in high in types 1 and 3 collagen, which makes it a great all-rounder. It is helpful for hair, skin and nails as well as supporting muscle and bone health. As collagen is sourced from bone tissue, it is best to find a grass-fed and sustainable source. Nutra Organics sources their bovine collagen from one of the most reputable, sustainable and ethical manufacturers in the world. Cattle are located in Germany and Brazil and is the global leader in collagen innovation – you can read more about their sustainability here.

    Their product is a by-product from the pre-existing meat industry and therefore is a responsible way of reducing food waste.

    Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty

    Collagen Beauty™ Tropical

    If you’re concerned about wrinkles, skin hydration and hair/nail growth – then the Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty powder is the one to go for.

    Nutra Organics have particularly developed this product with beauty in mind. There are four key ingredients that assist with making it one of the best collagens on the market.

    1. VERISOL® Collagen: this collagen is scientifically researched bioactive collagen peptides. There are multiple studies which show that this collagen reduces wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity, and improves hair strength and thickness. Each serve contains a large amount of collagen (10g) which is high compared to other collagen products.
    2. Zinc: The Collagen Beauty products contain an organic, wholefood, bioavailable source of Zinc from Guava leaves. One serving meets 15% of the recommended daily intake of zinc. Zinc is a necessary nutrient to promote collagen production in skin, as well assist with having healthy hair, skin and nails. Zinc is a great nutrient for skin due to its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.
    3. Vitamin C: The Collagen Beauty products contains an organic, wholefood, bioavailable source of Vitamin C from Camu Camu. This vitamin helps collagen absorb collagen and promotes production of collagen within the skin, hair and nails. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant and helps to improve skin tone and texture and reduce the signs of ageing. There is clinical research that shows vitamin C can reduce pigmentation, brighten complexion and reduce appearance of dark spots.
    4. Silica: Silica is another nutrient which helps to boost collagen production. This is because it activates enzymes which synthesize collagen, therefore helping to improve skin strength and elasticity. Higher silica content in the hair fibers results in less hair loss and increased brightness, and nails are also improved.


    The Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty also comes in unflavoured or four other exiting flavours: waterberry, wildflower, lemon lime or tropical (new!). All of them taste delicious and are so nice to add to a glass of water to make a tasty drink that reduces the signs of ageing at the same time!

    Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Review

    On the Gr8 Health product page for Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty we have received many five star reviews. Here are a few of our favourites for the Collagen Beauty Review:

    Improvement in skin & Nails

    Review by B. (Posted on 28/05/2021)

    Collagen while not proven to have any affect may assist to improve nails and skin texture it is claimed. My nails seem healthier and my skin texture smoother so I think it a worthwhile supplement.

    A game changer

    Review by Jessie. (Posted 18/05/2021)

    I noticed within a few weeks my skin looked more smooth, it glows and is definitely more youthful. I add my collagen to a cup of chaga tea each morning for a super delicious and highly nutritious hot drink. No odour. Fast delivery.

    Great product

    Review by Yoshimi. (Posted 2/08/2021)

    I put this powder into my morning smoothie every day for myself and my kids. We love it!


    Review by Alecia. (Posted 29/04/2021)

    Love this product! My nails have always been weak but they’re getting stronger and I can grow them long now without breaking! My hair is shinier too!

    Collagen Beauty™

    What the Naturopath Thinks

    It’s no secret that we think the Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty is a great product. Depending on your goals, collagen is a safe and effective supplement to help with skin health, gut health, as well as bones & muscles. Furthermore, Nutra Organics strict measures when it comes to sourcing and sustainability means that you can be sure that you are consuming a product that is safe & not harming the environment.

    The product is safe for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding and therefore may also assist in reducing stretch marks.

    The Collagen Beauty review has found that it has a high dose of collagen per serve. Plus, the additional ingredients of zinc, vitamin C and silica helps to assist in collagen absorption and production. Studies have found that the VERISOL ® Bioactive Collagen Peptides can improve structure and integrity of the skin and decrease skin aging factors within 8 weeks of use. Overall, if you are wanting to improve skin, hair and nail health, the Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty is a great product for you to consider.


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