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Hi. I’m Donald Bailey. I’m a father of three adorable kids, a husband to an amazing wife, and an entrepreneur.

I founded this incredible little company in 2003 because I believed that if brushing and flossing really worked, you and I would have far fewer cavities.

Big oral care companies had touted fluoride in toothpaste, in that yucky pink foaming gel and in water supplies as the ultimate solution in cavity prevention. But the data didn’t bear out their conclusions.

Fluoride was in virtually every toothpaste and every cup of tap water but cavities were still the most common chronic childhood disease. Over 90% of adults had cavities.

Call me a rebel, but those don’t seem like results worth celebrating. Their solution was hardly better than no solution at all. You and I deserve better – something we can count on to deliver reliable results.

And in 2002, I discovered a well-kept secret that big oral care had either been too lazy or too greedy to share with you and I. European scientists had identified a natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar but that also clobbers cavity-causing bacteria. And to boot, it could be easily integrated into tasty gums and mints to help neutralize tooth destroying acid.

By 2003, we had made our first pilot batch of gum and as they say the rest is history.

We’ve come along way from that first batch of gum, but what drives us remains the same. We are committed to helping you have a healthy and happy smile.

And what’s more, if we can make you smile by the way we answer the phone or by the words we send in an email, we know we’ve left our corner of the world a little better off.

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