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Best of the Bone Bone Broth Beef Concentrate Probiotic Bio-Fermented Coconut Lemon Myrtle Turmeric Papaya Leaf 390g


Best of the Bone Bone Broth Beef Concentrate Probiotic Bio-Fermented Coconut Lemon Myrtle Turmeric Papaya Leaf 390g



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Our Naturopaths Say

A new, one-of-a-kind gut health bone broth powerhouse with 25 billion good bacteria per serving.


Best of the Bone is an all-natural grass-fed beef bone broth concentrate that is a true collagen, mineral and amino acid-rich living gelatin. Gluten, antibiotic and dairy free - just pure bone broth with no additives aside from Celtic sea salt. Nearly 40% collagen protein absorbed at a much higher rate than other collagen sources thanks to important healthy fats (the most efficient fuel source for your body and critical for the absorption of vitamins and micronutrients by the body!) and with 19 key and essential amino acids that you need to survive and thrive. The typical bone broth is 2%-4% collagen. Best of the Bone is 10-20x higher.

A daily tablespoon of the delicious Best of the Bone turns a mug of hot water and some vegetables, meats and/or spices to add for taste into a fabulously healthy, nutrient-dense meal. We find its a great way to start the day. Or end it. Add it to your soup, sauce and gravy recipes for flavour and nutrition for the whole family. Our nutrient dense broth is a convenient source of super healthy all natural vitamins, amino acids and fats, sourced from trusted Australian farmers.


Beef marrow bone-biofermented probiotic coconut, lemon myrtle, turmeric


Heap teaspoon-tablespoon to a mug of hot water


  • Helps your body absorb micro and macro-nutrients due to the gelatin and healthy fats (in other words, it makes your good foods healthier).
  • Supports joint and bone health.
  • Increases bone density and lean muscle mass.
  • Is a powerful anti-inflammatory. 
  • Heals gut health including colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, and even used as a critical first step to treat Crohn's Disease and colities.
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles (overall improvement in skin health).
  • Improves immune system.
  • FODMAPs friendly and part of the GAPs diet.

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