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Introducing our Own Superior Quality Maximum Super Greens! 

The Gr8 Health product range is based on scientifically formulated blends that are super-delicious.  Developed by Gr8 Health founders Dr Julie Douglass and Sam Godfrey after selling over 1 million natural health products and in response to customer demand for formulas that are low in Sugar, Fat and Salt.  The range focuses on the 10 best natural remedies from plants that are science backed to give you Gr8 Health. 

The product range is entirely free of harmful additives, from our Maximum Supergreens, packed with essential nutrients, to our Complete Plant Protein available in two delectable flavours, and our groundbreaking Ultimate Shake ‘N’ Burn blend, meticulously designed to target hormonal weight and stubborn fat.

Experience the pinnacle of quality and efficacy with Gr8 Health products, crafted to elevate your wellbeing and transform your health journey!

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What is Maximum Super Greens?
Are Gr8 Health products vegan friendly and natural?
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More from our Naturopaths

What are the 8 Natural Remedies?
Gr8 Health has been proclaiming the 8 Natural Remedies since science supported what was already seen. Our name is derived from these 8 Natural Remedies, that’s why we’re called Gr8 Health. Air, Water, Rest, Design, Exercise, Nutrition, Sunlight and Moderation are the 8 natural remedies. To learn more download our Free Book Titled “8 Rules for a Healthy Life”.
Best Green Powder Supplement
Many leading brands like Tropeaka, Nutra Organics and Kissed Earth have high levels of Sugar, Saturated Fats and Salt in their Green Powder Supplement. After listening to our customer requests, Gr8 Health has scientifically formulated a super-delicious Super Greens Powder called ‘Complete Super Greens’. It has up to 2x less Sugar, Fat and Salt compared with the leading brands Tropeaka, Nutra Organics and Kissed Earth. Developed by Gr8 Health founders Dr Julie Douglass and Sam Godfrey, the Gr8 Health Green Powder Supplement is clean, natural, backed by science and Australian owned with a focus on customer’s needs.
What does your sleep potion herbal tonic do?
Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Our naturopaths have curated this herbal tonic blend to help you skip counting sheep. Made with someone of their favourite herbs, this tonic has mild sedative qualities which assist in sleep onset and maintenance. Traditionally, these herbs assist the body in restlessness & excitability, allowing the mind to calm for a soothing sleep.

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