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Whether you are an elite athlete or a passionate amateur, maintaining your fitness and keeping active can place an additional nutrient demand on the body. Obtaining a sufficient quantity of nutrients from diet alone; at times, can be challenging. This is where supplements can play a crucial role. The comprehensive range of high quality fitness supplements at GR8 health has something to support all active bodies. Browse our range today.

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What are the benefits of fitness products?
What are the most popular fitness products?
What are the different types of fitness products?


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Are fitness products expensive?
Depending on your fitness goals and how frequently you are expecting to be using fitness supplements will depend on how expensive it is. Fitness supplements like amino acids and pre-workouts only need to be taken for extensive work outs, not your daily walk, and so don’t have to be taken daily. The higher the quality and amount of ingredients (i.e. protein per serve), the more expensive an item may be but on average it costs between $40-60 for a 500g protein powder.
What are the best fitness products?
The best fitness products will depend on your own individual fitness goals. In general, you will want to get products, such as protein powders, that have low excipients and maximum protein per serve. If you are looking to support general fitness, the best products to look into would be protein powders and recovery items like magnesium supplements or bath soaks. We also stock a range of fitness items like protein shakers and exercise bands!
Are fitness products worth it?
Fitness products are definitely worth it – and you don’t need to be someone who does a hard work out every single day to reap the benefits. Protein powders can assist in meeting normal daily requirements and improve muscle recovery in general. There are many products that can help you no matter what fitness level you are at. If you are wanting further advice give us a call on (07) 5532 2069

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