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Healthy kids are more likely to grow into healthy adults, therefore laying down a solid nutritional foundation in the early years can have lifelong benefits. GR8 Health offers an extensive range of high quality supplements for infants, children and beyond, that covers the key areas of childhood development, from neonatal nutrition through to early adulthood-promoting healthy immunity, general nutritional support and specific formulations for complex nutritional needs. Whether you’re looking for probiotics, multi-nutrient supplements to assist a balanced diet, or iron supplements for your kids, you can find everything you need in our Kids health range below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of kids supplements?
What are the most popular kids supplements?
What are the different types of kids supplements?


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Are kids supplements expensive?
Not at all! Kids supplements are usually quite affordable due to the lower dose required. This doesn’t mean that they have poorer quality, kids supplements usually have very low excipients and are always well sourced (at least at Gr8 Health). Children also receive a lot of their required nutrients through diet so supplements can be used only when needed therefore not costing as much. They usually range around $20-30 and will last you at least 1 month.
What are the best kids supplements?
The best supplements for kids are the ones that are safe, effective and help them feel their best. The best are the ones that help to ensure your child is meeting their needs for growth and development like chewable multi-vitamins or wholefood powders that you can add to smoothies, and that boost the immune system like supplements that contain vitamin C, vitamin D and immune boosting foods. Talking to a healthcare professional can ensure you are only giving your child what is needed. You can always call us for tailored advice on (07) 5532 2069.
Are kids supplements worth it?
Although children, in general, who eat a healthy and well-balanced diet may not require supplementation, supplements can be a great way to ensure they are meeting their needs and improving their immune system. Supplements can be especially worth it for children who are picky eaters, or have underlying diseases that can hinder absorption of nutrients.

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