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Not only are you supporting local businesses and being kinder to the planet when buying Australia made products. But it also ensures you are getting the highest quality of products. Here in Australia, we have some of the strictest manufacturing standards, which means you know you are getting a high quality product that’s made to last the distance when you buy Australian Made. It's Australian Made Week and it's time to celebrate everything local. We have 15% Off all our Top Aussie Made goodies for one week only. This includes Nutra Organics, Grants, Koala Eco, Necessity and Amazonia.

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What is the difference between Australian made and made in Australia?
What counts as Australian made?
Why is Australian made better?


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Why do Australians prefer to buy Australian made products?
Most Australians (67%) stated in the survey that they 'often' or 'always' buy Australian-made products, citing supporting local jobs and the economy as their reason for doing so, followed by the quality or reliability of Australian-made products.
What is Australia known to produce for the world?
Australia is one of the world's leading producers of bauxite (aluminium ore), iron ore, lithium, gold, lead, diamond, rare earth elements, uranium, and zinc. Australia also has large mineral sand deposits of ilmenite, zircon and rutile.

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